Dinamika het 'n nuwe koor vroeg in 2015 op die been gebring onder leiding van die bekwame, musikale hande van Henk Barnard.

Einde 2019 tree Henk Barnard uit en die leisels word oorgevat in 2020 deur Luzelle van Zyl en Abigail Coetzee.


Luzelle and Abigail have been working with choirs for the last 4 years.

Their vision is for each choir member to firstly feel comfortable and enjoy singing and music. To create a vibrant, modern and fun choir with good choir structure and discipline, but where each choir member feels valuable and give their utmost best.

To teach with passion. To create a choir family within the school.

“We want this choir to sing because it is what they love and give them reason to love it even more! We want to sing songs which are meaningful that can touch hearts and lives in the ways we portray each song. Thanks for the opportunity. We will do our very best!”
Phil 4:13



Ons koor behaal 86% by die 2019 Kunswedstryd.