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Article 21
NPO Reg No: 2011/006778/08

We provide for the hungry and homeless, disabled children in the shelters and orphanages
Directors: M Whitley, M vd Merwe



I would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to Angels From Above , we are a Non Profit Organisation which aims to reach out to people and families who are homeless and hungry and in great need of financial assistance as well as food, clothing and warm blankets, the basic commodities that you and I have the benefit of on a daily basis. Our main goal at our organization is to help the children, who are of all ages, some with disabilities and special needs.
With winter upon us, I find that the specific needs of these children and families are now greater than ever and we, along with your help, would like to assist these families and institutions by providing a few of the essential daily needs, and most importantly, we want to show these people support and compassion so that they, too can feel the warmth of love in winter.

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